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Our Successful Last Three Years Most people do not think that the individual with challenge have the capacity to learn at all, doing a job or having a career is something that they cannot even imagine. Shaurya Centre is a live example of the fact that not only the children with challenge can learn but learn well enough to pursue a career, make products which can compete with the best in the market and be confident individuals with ambition and determination to fulfill their dreams of having a job, getting married, buying a car, having a home, looking after their parents and siblings…..

Our present production at Shaurya Centre is – Bakery Cookies- 10 kg per week Mathis – 8 kg per week Stationary products – 200 pcs per week

Training is also provided in cooking, computers, office management, sales, photocopying in addition to social skills and everyday living skills

In the last 3 years 5 of our students have graduated and set up a bakery; 1 has been working with his parent in a spa, 2 of our students are interning at cafeterias, 1 at a IGNOU study centre & other at a call centre at Gurgaon, 1 is interning at Pizza Hut.

In the juniors programme out of 7 students we have worked with 3 of our students completed training and moved into inclusive schools and 4 will be graduating into our prevocational programme.

Another success has been the increased functionality of our so called low functioning children who had sever learning challenges and behaviour difficulties. The Centre has upheld its objective of providing service to any child or young adult who needs it. Time and time again we have witnessed that the limitations of any students are more in our mind and with patience, structured and appropriate training all children and adults LEARN and can become independent.

We at Shaurya are also sensitive to the needs of the family and parents of children with challenge the big question of what will happen to my child after us? Shaurya Foundation Trust has a training and work centre coming up in Palwal. There a residential training for about 60 children & families as well as a vocational training & work centre for 100 students is coming up. The centre will have state of the art facilities for our students.

This 20 crore project will require the generous support of the community and corporate through donations in cash and kind.
Renowned cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead had said, “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” This statement has proven its relevance yet again, as a tender initiative started by the thoughtful parents of one child is undoubtedly healing the world of so many children!