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Even though the Shaurya Foundation Trust embarked on its philanthropic journey very recently, it has successfully accomplished several significant milestones in a short span of time through its bouquet of activities.

Art & craft workshops have always been in prime focus as both these activities are the most crucial, creative and convenient processes of giving form to ideas. They spark excitement and enthusiasm among the children and cultivate a sense of achievement every time they create something new!

Among the many art & craft workshops that have been conducted, the ones that deserve special mention are the Madhubani painting classes. These classes were organized free of charge for the children from Jan Madhyam so that this art form could create a possible vocation opportunity. Our first achievement in the vocational training sector was the packaged diyas and Madhubani painting diyas that were sold during Dusshera and Diwali celebrations.

Other innovative activities like ipad learning workshops, photography workshops, cooking classes and cancer awareness walks have also been organised from time to time.

It has been a challenging journey for Shaurya to tread on the road less taken but the organisation has been very fortunate to have received the support of many specialists from various fields who have contributed to the cause by graciously hosting our activity sessions. Puppetry workshops by Ms. Ranjana Pandey and theatre workshops by Mr. Pawan Sharma met with an excellent response from everyone, and a large number of children benefitted from the music therapy by Mr. Somesh, special yoga by Ms. Dia Pinto and aerobics/dance by Mr. Manish.

The aim of all these activities was to advocate a holistic approach to learning, and the success of these workshops has reinforced the message that innovative practices like these enhance the learning process among children and hands-on activities not only enable them to get a better grasp over things, they also make learning a more delightful experience!

Unique Feautures Of Our Training Programmes

  • Flexible learning programme individualised according to the learning style and speed of each child.
  • Small group size with a 4:1 ratio to offer undivided attention to each child.
  • Special training session to ensure readiness for group functioning and peer learning.
  • Developing a comprehensive understanding of the learning challenges and creating appropriate coping strategies for each child.
  • Supporting families in transferring skills from the formal training sessions to their homes.
  • Stress on self-expression and communication for each child to enhance his/her individual personality.
  • Ensuring that the learning process is meaningful, yet fun for the children.
  • Using technology to aid learning and empowering each child to have control over his/her environment.

Stretching Our Wings To Spread Happiness

The Shaurya Centre has acted as a pilot for developing and envisioning a comprehensive and inclusive service for the adolescents and young adults with special needs. Our service responds to the ground realities, concerns of the parents, needs of the children, and most importantly, the rights of the children to lead a good quality life with dignity, purpose and self respect.

These services will be available at Palwal (Haryana) which is about a 40 minutes drive from Ashram, Delhi where the centre is presently located. The Trust has acquired approx. 2600 sq. ft. of land in Palwal. All the required permissions have been obtained and the construction will commence as soon as the Trust is able to raise adequate funds.

The Shaurya Centre at Palwal would be dedicated to providing 3-5 years of intensive residential training programmes to adolescents and young adults (16 – 30 years) with special needs. The focus would be to facilitate the trainees to explore their own goals and excel at those self defined goals.

The programmes would be open to children with all functionality levels, social economic strata and special needs as the Shaurya Foundation Trust strongly believes in the beauty of diversity and participative learning.

In the 1st year, trainees will be given the opportunity to explore all the skills offered by the Centre. In the 2nd year, they will choose the skills they have a flair for and specialize in what they want to pursue as a profession. From the 3rd year to the 5th year, they will attain expertise in their respective fields and take at least two internships (internal & external).