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  Blessings By Mentor


I, could understand the true meaning of the word “Autism” in 2004 only when my grandson Shaurya was diagnosed with the same. Then only I learnt that special children are privileged and specially gifted by GOD himself.

“Shaurya Centre” was set up in 2011, to provide therapies and programmes to these special children with the object to rehabilitate and make them independent in life.

With passage of time “Shaurya Centre” has grown and is establishing a pre vocational and vocational centre, which is also the need of today. This would not only make the children self dependent but would also provide them vocational opportunities. At present we are working in the field of cooking, bakery, office management, stationary work, jewellery making, mathi making etc. We also intend to add more and more such vocations which are beneficial to these children.

Our efforts are not limited to these, we are also expanding our services and propose to set up a Rehabilitation Centre at Palwal, Haryana. The land has already been acquired and construction will commence shortly. On the other property at Palwal, therapies and vocational classes have already started, from which our children are being benefitted.

None of this could have been be achieved without the help and support of all.


  Chairman’s Message


Dear Friends,mentor_1
Shaurya our son is our pride and joy. He persuaded us to set up a Trust and to start the “Shaurya Centre” in 2011. There are no words to explain the satisfaction that I have received in the last three years. The progress our children have made and the dedication of the team has been inspiring.

The children have motivated us all along this journey and this journey continues further and the horizon is wide open. We now propose to set up a Rehabilitation Centre for which steps have already been initiated. A campus at Palwal has already been started for the vocational training and other therapies. Our students have started going there weekly and have gained significantly from this exposure.

The children have had a chance to do adventure sports, horse riding, gardening, pottery and we plan to set up a sensory garden, skating ring, vocational training facilities at Palwal in the near future.

We wish to continue expanding and growing further with the help and support of you all.