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PALWAL PROJECT is a very exciting project for our students. A group of five students along with one special educator and occupational therapist visited the project weekly and undertook the following activities :-

  • Adventure sports
  • Pot painting
  • Craft Activities – Bird feeder making
  • Gardening
  • Horse Riding

The 1 hour long journey from the centre to the palwal proved to be a great opportunity to train the students in travel behaviours like not disturbing the co-passengers, asking for things appropriately, toilet control, drinking water in a moving vehicle, managing sensory issues for the self and the others.

The children have enjoyed the openness of the space, the greenery and the quite of the place and their behaviours and sensory needs showed much improved.

Our children seem to have found a haven for having fun without being stared at, made fun of and each behaviour commented upon. This further translated in overall improvement in their behaviour during outings and other social situations.

We wish to extend our vocational training programmes at Palwal which we are not able to conduct here at Ashram due to paucity of space like gardening, pottery, organic farming, paper making etc.

Activities at Palwal