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prniciple msg_1There is never a dull moment at Shaurya Centre and the year 2013-14 has had quite a few high points.

Our students played host to foreign delegates in Asian Federation for the intellectually challenged. They shared their knowledge about India and their skills like block printing, making paper bags, quilling and dancing on bollywood tunes. They impressed all those who attended the conference. We also fulfilled our first ever job order and made over 200 snack-boxes for the conference.

Our students won their first medals in an art competition and also conducted workshops for over 50  children at Delhi Rides for the children’s day celebration.

Keeping in line with our commitment – six of our students started with the job transition programmes. One is  interning at Pizza Hut while 5 others are going to start bakery work in an organisation in Faridabad. 3 others gave interviews and are awaiting their call letters. Other students are applying their skills at home every day.

We had the most encouraging over night stay at Kosi. Our students did us proud and performed all the activities of daily living they had learnt most diligently throughout the year. They showed us that they want to be ‘independent’ and all they need is an opportunity.

At Shaurya we believe that diversity is the spice of life. The age range of children we work with varies from 3 yrs to 36 years and the functionality from ‘severe’ to very high functioning. We have students from all over Delhi and a few come from Faridabad and NOIDA. Each child is unique and we try and nurture that uniqueness into a well rounded personality so that they become contributing member of their own family & community at large.

Our students are the prisms through which we see the different colours of life and they have taught us to appreciate the little things. They can find absolute joy in a simple cookie. Their ability to enjoy simple pleasures, living in the moment, not holding a grudge against anyone and their complete dedication to whatever they undertake makes them the most amazing students. In the holistic sense they are actually our teachers.

It has been a tremendous journey so far and we look forward to the next phase as the services at Palwal Centre take off. We thank all the students and their parents for their faith and association and all our friends and sponsors for their support.

Our efforts have shown us that “Together” there is no limit to what we can achieve.