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“Shaurya centre a blessing for our daughter Iris. She has a problem of selective mutism and has got a break in Shaurya Centre.It’s amazing to see so much of improvement in Iris in such a short time. She especially enjoyed the trip to Kosi which was her first ever trip without us. Such trips are really going to help her to become independent in many ways. And as parents that is what we want for our daughter a happy & independent future”.
-Sangeeta Rangrejia- (Iris’s Mother )

“It was very difficult to find a suitable school for Abaan. Finally we found one in Shaurya Centre and we are very happy for Abaan that he got the structure in which he can learn new things and behave well.”
– Nawaz Khan (Abaan’s father)

“My son Sohum had a great time during Kosi trip. It was his first experience to stay away from home alone but he managed well I’m very satisfied with all the things that Sohum could manage independently. Looking forward to my trip to Palwal. Hats off to team shaurya for pulling off the trip so successfully. Thanks a ton to the whole team.”
-Sandeepa Rajpal- (Sohum’s Mother)

“The sports activities at Palwal are quiet challenging and will be very helpful for our kids. Horse riding specially is very interesting kids are enjoying the same. The night stays like the one at Kosi can be a very good for ADL developments. Shaurya team Great Job”.
-Anamika-(Akshay’s Mother)

“Since Hardik has joined Shaurya Centre his communication has improved. The Kosi trip was a big step forward for him and us. We look forward to taking Hardik out with us to restaurants & parties as he is able to cope at social events at the centre”.

-Ruchi Gupta (Hardik’s mother)

“My son Bharat was with Shaurya Centre for almost 2 years and it as a very comfortable place for him. The staff is very concerned and caring and plans according to each child’s needs. They keep in touch with the parents at home as well and provide counseling as and when required. Adulthood is challenging for our children but the path became easier with guidance of the Shaurya Centre”.
-Kirti Kumar ( Bharat’s Mother)

“Mr. Jayant Sharma s/o Poonam & Anil Kumar Sharma is attending Shaurya Center same July 2013. Staff of Shaurya Center is taken care of Jayant’s behavior problems and they have sorted out some problems up to same extend. During last 8-9 month time jayant has improved & has started commuting daily from D.T.C. Bus to Shaurya Center independently which is great thing, which we have not imagined before. We appreciate the efforts made by the staff towards Jayant Sharma.”
-Anil Sharma (Jayant Father)

“She appreciates the hard work we are doing for the kids. She likes the program we are doing for the students . Rachana has shown improvement after coming to Shaurya centre.”
-Mrs Raj rain Garg (Rachana Mother)

“It is with immense pleasure, I wish to state that your Centre is doing a fantastic job and for having taken special care of my son Afaan. There is definitely good development and improvement in my child’s condition. It is worth praising the work the Centre has been doing in taking care of the children coming to the centre especially in follow up with vocational training.”
With best wishes and Good Luck.
– Mrs & MR. SHAMS TABREZ (Afaan’s Parents)

“Our son Vikas has really gained in confidence and is happy coming to ‘work’ everyday at Shaurya. We are very happy with the tem and the atmosphere at the Shaurya Centre. We wish that Vikas calculation skills are further improved so that he can manage money himself.”
-Veena Kapahi (Vikas’s Mother)

“My daughter Somya has become more communicative, in fact her verbal skills have improved a lot. She has started using language instead of signs and is definitely happier coming here. We are happy that she has a place to spend her time productively.”
-Rekha Ojha (Somya’s Mother)

“Shaurya is very good school with good programmes for our children and the staff is very caring.”
-Nisha Otwal ( Rohan’s Mother)